Robert Bezeau, Creator/Owner

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Robert came to Bocas several years ago and has had his hand in many projects throughout this time. Robert spearheaded the Bocas recycling program in 2012, where he and some volunteers, and a few part time workers, made a positive change in the cleanliness of the islands beaches and town. In a short amount of time, it was staggering to see the amount of recycled materials being removed from the garbage, and saved from being burned or buried in the only one landfill. He estimates “that he had over 1 million bottles that was accumulated, during the period of one and half year he collected the bottles”. The recycling program was a breath of fresh air for the islands residents and many tourists visiting annually.

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Message from Robert

People have changed. The world has changed. If we got to a point where we need to drink water in plastic bottles, we surely have changed! Humans have now reached an increasing volume of 7.3 billions peoples on the planet. If each one of us drink only one bottle a day, we are looking at 2.6 trillion bottles a year. Where are they? Where do they go?

Why are developed countries of the world, working so hard to recycle a small percentage of the volume of plastic bottles being discarded, when the developing countries which are greater in volume, have not yet realized what is happening to the planet, with the immense plastic problem we face. 

Unless developed countries organize, unite, and educate the developing countries, and give them an incentive to pick-up and reuse the plastic bottles already discarded, we all loose!

I want the world to realize that we can reuse plastic bottles in many other applications such as:

  1. Home insulation

  2. Rapid temporary shelters after disasters

  3. Buildings for animal’s on farms

  4. Building swimming pools

  5. Water catchment tanks

  6. Septic tanks

  7. Agriculture water ways (land drainage)

  8. Commercial warehouse construction

  9. Barns

  10. Roads

Let's educate the adults of tomorrow, not to do what our generation did to our planet, regarding the plastic spill.

Say NO to single use plastic bottles
If you say YES, than drink it, and build it


Many years ago smoking was a fashion, peoples were smoking because it was in, without knowing the secondary effect on their health, until researchers of the World discover the health issues caused by the usage of tobacco. Governments started to oblige the tobacco industries, to put warnings and pictures on pack of cigarette. From that time, peoples started to quit or reduce their consumption of cigarette, because they were made aware of the damage it was doing.


Why don't Governments of the World also oblige the single use bottlers to print warnings and pictures on the labels of each PET bottles?

If every time someone bought a drink in a single use PET plastic bottle, would see different pictures of the devastating effect of plastic in our oceans, maybe many peoples would quit or reduce their consumption after knowing the possibility of where their bottles could end up?

Say NO to single use plastic bottles
If you say YES, than drink it, and build it


Food for thought...

Please share this idea, who knows, the idea might reach the right peoples?




Sweeping our planet, for Cell phone time, a realistic DREAM?

If you have a small bedroom and the floor is filled with junk, and I ask you to sweep your room, you would probably sweep everything into one PILE. Now if you look at your room, it’s clean, except at the PILE.

If I asked you to sweep a stadium where 10,000 persons celebrated last night and the floor is filled with cups, paper, plastic bottles, etc, you would probably sweep everything into 500 PILES. Now if you look at the stadium, it’s clean, except at 500 PILES.

If we want to sweep the planet, we need to ask peoples in developing Countries to sweep their part of the planet and make PILES, their part of the planet would be clean, except at the PILES.

A true fact is that when you travel in developing Countries, you will notice that almost every one has a cell phone, and they are all addicted to them. They don't have money, but they have a cell phone. 90%  of them don't have credit available inside. 

If we were to create PILES in all the developing Countries, where peoples can sweep their part of the world, and bring the plastic at some specific places called THE PILES, and exchange the plastic for cell phone time, this would create a great interest to pick-up the plastics, and trade it for cellphone time.

THE PILES would be places that would be administrated by ONG’s. Places that would exchange plastic by Kg for cellphone time. Places that would create jobs since all the plastics received would be segregated by types, bailed, and sent to the proper recycling channels.

The cell phone time, could be sponsored by Du Pont, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, and all the other single use bottlers, in collaboration with different cell phone companies in each participating Countries of the world?

What a fantastic way to educate peoples of developing Countries, by giving them an incentive to clean our planet by picking-up plastics, and exchange it for cell phone time….. “TIME for TIME”

This would be a WIN/WIN for all humanity.

Say NO to single use plastic bottles
If you say YES, than drink it, and build it


Food for thought...

Please share this idea, who knows, the idea might reach the right peoples?

Robert Bezeau