This program is dedicated to the KIDS of Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Plastic Bottle Village is proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2018, PET bottles with  CARBON FOOTPRINT STICKERS can  be exchanged for food, and school supplies at:

SUPERMARKET TOTO, 4th Street, Isla Colon,  Bocas del Toro. Panama
NOTE: Kids must be accompagne by an adult, 

Special Thanks to the owners of TOTO who accepted to assist us in this World Premiere experience of exchanging plastic bottles with CARBON FOOTPRINT STICKERS, for food and school supplies. I want to ask all the peoples living or visiting Bocas, to encourage TOTO in there new ECO-Supermarket.

For each PET bottle with a $0.05 sticker, returned by a KID to TOTO (Minimum 100 bottles), Plastic Bottle Village will allow an equal value credit coupon to shop for food and school supplies.

Example: 100 bottles with the stickers are brought to TOTO supermarket, a $5.00 coupon will be given to the kid, to buy the same value in food and school supplies inside TOTO supermarket.

This will give KIDS of less fortunate families the opportunity to obtain food and school supplies, and by the same token educate them about recycling, and create an incentive to search for PET bottles with stickers to bring to the Plastic Bottle Village supermarket to be exchanged for food and school supplies.

Hoping we will find families on the hunt for plastic bottles with stickers, because it will be a new means of survival. They will be able to buy food and school supplies with plastic bottles with stickers, and these plastic bottles will be reused as building material for homes.

Plastic Bottle Village hope that visitors of the island, will open their heart, and obtain CARBON FOOTPRINT STICKERS to give to less fortunate family's witch will be looking for PET bottles to apply the stickers, and exchanged for food and school supplies.


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