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Have you ever thought why single use PET plastic bottles are Round?

Why PET bottles are not designed to serve instead of destroy afterward? 

Why PET bottles could not be designed to be reused like a LEGO block, and allow us to put our creativity to work?

*If the bottles where square instead of round

*If they had square shoulders instead of a long neck

*If they had an indent hole at the bottom similar to a champagne bottle

*If we could press tight the bottles one into the others

*If we could create lines of bottles just like bricks

*If there was one of the sides with a positive grove and 3 sides with negative groove

*If a plastic perforated strap was supplied with the bottle, and we could make two rows of bottles just like concrete forms, and pour mud or clay in between the walls.

This would allow us to build:

1-low cost housing for peoples in developing Countries?

2-Garden house or shed in our back yard

3-Playhouse for our kids

4-Dog house

5 Barnes

6- Floating dock, floating house.

7- Unlimited creation just like when we were kids with our LEGO BLOCKS.

This would create a demand for empty PET bottles to a point where you would need to watch your PET bottles in case someone steal it.

Every time their is a catastrophe event in the World, millions of plastic water bottles are sent by Red Cross and United Nation. Imagine if these bottles would be LEGO type bottles, and could be reused to build shelters as they are consumed. Shape to serve instead of destroy.....

What is better? PET bottles floating in our oceans increasing water temperature and killing sea life, or used as a structure in our back yard, or creating rapid shelters after disaster?

Robert Bezeau have been working many hours designing a LEGO type building brick bottle system, to give the empty PET bottles the opportunity to serve humanity, instead of destroying our planet.


Help us to communicate with our leaders and corporate heads, to re-think the way they design their plastic beverage containers, and strive to find ways to have more sustainable, or re-purposed designs to quench our thirst. 

If you know someone, who knows someone, who knows a bottler, who could be interested by my design, please get them to contact Robert at robertb@plasticbottlevillage.com.

Together let's "Change the World, without changing the Earth"

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