Every cause have it's reasons. Every cause have it's mission.

Our cause at Plastic Bottle Village is to inspire peoples and propose solutions against the plastic invasion in our oceans, caused by the lack of education in developing Countries.

If we don't educate NOW, we will loose the combat, and the sea life in our oceans within the next 30 years.

Join us in our combat, click here and become a GUARD. With just a little $20 donation, you can have 4 sheets (100) Plastic for Food Carbon Footprint Stickers, remitted to a family in need, witch will find 100 PET bottles to apply your stickers, and exchange the 100 bottles for FOOD and SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

By doing this, you will achieve three things:

1- Lessen your carbon footprint

2- Teach children about recycling

3- Put food on the table of a family in need

Feel good in your heart by becoming a Guard of our planet, and join Plastic King Robert in his quest to "Change the World, without changing the Earth"

Plastic King Robert