Castle Inspiration

 Castle Inspiration



2018 marks the 40th anniversary since the first PET bottle was introduced to the market by Coca-Cola in 1978. At that time human population was 4.3 billions, 40 years later we are 7.5 billions, and it is predicted that the population will reach 10 billions by 2050. ( more peoples = more consumers, more consumers = more garbage in our oceans)

The biggest mistake of mankind, was to allow single use plastic bottles, without obligatory returnable consign deposit.                                        ( no value = no interest to pick-up )


No internet, no smart phones back then, the information was not readily available like today. We trusted when we were told that the PET bottles would be recycled.....Some how it was forgotten to tell us that only 30% would be recycled, and 70% would be spread-ed in our oceans, and become the largest plastic oil spill of human history.  Plastic in the ocean act as a magnifying glass and contribute to the effect of global warming by rising sea temperatures.


When you visit the unique plastic bottle castle in the World, in Bocas del Toro, Panama, you meet with Plastic King ROBERT.

Plastic King Robert's motive is to inspire adults and kids,and alarm them about the danger of the growing invasion of micro plastic in our oceans, that will kill all our fish by 2050.


If kids can believe in Santa Claus, why not in a Plastic King. The most important is to succeed to inspire and educate them NOT TO DO what our generation did to our planet, in regards to the single use plastic invasion.

The King invite visitors to visit his medieval castle, and explain them his vision about how we could all change things if we joined together to be stronger.(JOIN THE PETITION)

You can enjoy a King's Feast on the upper terrace of his castle. Something YOU MUST EXPERIENCE when you will visit Bocas del Toro !!!!!

You will enjoy a KING FEAST inside a plastic bottle Castle, unique in the World.


When you are at the King's feast, you are not in a restaurant and you are the kings and queens for the evening. You are here to enjoy a two hour+ event with Plastic King Robert and his friends, with food, live music, and entertainment.
Here at Castíllo Inspíracíon there are no such things as plates or silverware, instead you will eat using a wooden pick and your food will be served on natural leaves inside coconut shells. There is no menu here, you will be served several portions of different food, at intervals during the evening. Also, there is no bill at the Castle, everything works with donations. Four guest rooms are available in the Castle if you are too tired to venture home after the Feast (ask about availability).

We wish to inspire you while you enjoy the ambiance, the food, and the entertainment. If we succeed tell your friends, if not, tell the King.

We hope you will enjoy the experience with us.


When you come to enjoy the feast, you are also helping the King to raise funds for his mission to educate  and protect.

The first objective of the King is to raise funds to buy equipment to transform the PET plastic bottles that are trapped on the island, into fibers, that can be added to concrete, and reuse in local construction.

The second objective is to raise funds to finance the traveling cost to send experienced teams to train peoples on how to build reusing the PET plastic bottles in developping Countries,


The construction of the Castle was started by Plastic King Robert and his friends, in July 2016 and completed in April 2018. It has four levels measuring 14 meters high (50 ft) and contains 40,000 PET bottles. The Castle includes four guest rooms on the first two floors, a dining area on the third floor and a gathering level with a fantastic view on the fourth.


The King wishes to inspire you while you enjoy the ambiance, the food, and a medieval 2+ hours entertainment.

You can even experience sleeping in the castle, in a Royal bed.

Here is a perfect opportunity to help our cause, and to experience what none of your friends have done yet...

If the King succeed to inspire you, tell all your friends. If not, tell him. 

Hopping you will enjoy the experience.


" Planet Earth went thru Stone age, Ice age, and now, Plastic age"

"Dinosaurs were extinguished by a meteor
   Humans will be extinguish by plastic"

“One ant can carry one grain of sand; millions can move mountains" (stronger together, and we can) "Change the World, without changing the Earth"

"Say NO to single use plastic bottles. If you say YES, drink it, and build it" 


Plastic King Robert