Inspiring vacation in JAIL

Inspiring vacation in JAIL



You and all of our generations are guilty for what happened to our planet and oceans regarding the invasion of the single use plastic.

You can live with the crime you committed, or give yourself up and feel relieved. Once you experience the fun vacation of sleeping in a jail, you will be so inspired that you will want to start fresh again when you leave, but this time working with and not against our planet.

The package is for 3 nights sleeping in a cell room, and the fourth night in a royal suite inside our Castle Inspiration. You will begin your stay as a prisoner, and finish as King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. A certificate that you have repent, and that now on you will always think about helping our planet will be remitted to you on your leave.

Although crimes against the planet due to plastic bottle waste is very real, The Dungeon is a fun vacation place where one can become part of the pollution solution by ‘jailing yourself’ for these crimes. 

Castle Inspiration offers a unique opportunity to sleep in a jail cell where you have the key. Combining the need for a more earth-friendly existence with a humorous twist on the consequences of ones actions. A stay at
The Dungeon presents the opportunity to become more aware of the growing plastic problem while having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Excellent opportunity to inspire all the family.

Good behavior can get you out...


THE DUNGEON is a fund raising activity, it’s not an hotel, it’s a cause. The suggested amount of $290/person for 4 nights (including the breakfast) is a contribution to help supporting our cause, and our cause is to bring awareness about the growing threat of the single use plastic on our planet.

THE DUNGEON have two cell rooms with 4 beds, and four cell rooms with 2 beds

For more information or reservation, contact Robert on whatsapp +507-6949-3389 or e-mail

Minimum stay 4 nights…………….

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