Le Grand Plan

Le Grand Plan


The Plastic Bottle Village creator, Robert Bezeau, has introduced sustainable building ideas, which RE-USE a major nuisance, discarded PET bottles, and incorporate these plastic bottles into shelters and amazing homes, leading the way into the future of eco-building.

“Le Grand Plan” eBook serves as an overview of the concept and process, of how to build in this method. The eBook showcases a photo presentation, along with text descriptions of Plastic Bottle Village #16 cottage, which is a two-story, 2,800 square foot home, built re-using over 22,000 PET bottles.

Help us spread the message of re-using one persons trash to converting it into another’s treasure. Join together to educate and communicate with our leaders and corporate heads, to re-think the way they manufacture our plastic beverage containers, and strive to find ways to have more sustainable, or re-purposed designs to quench our thirst. Your contribution of “Le Grand Plan” eBook, will be invested into building an international training center. Thank you.

Included in “Le Grand Plan” eBook:

• An 87 page photo presentation, step by step guide with text descriptions of Plastic Bottle Village #16 – two-story cottage, Bocas del Toro, Panama

• Material List

• Toolbox List

• Building component color code list

• Step-by-step instructions and specifications for building the components

• Conversion of your home design or floor plan into PBV 3D technical illustrations (single story only)

• One-year PBV membership, which includes email customer support service, upgrades of new components, video tutorials, and technique evolutions

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